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The Challenges of ART+SCI+TECH Research, Education, Culture

conference – exhibition – workshops

Deadline for registration: 2 July 2019

Registration process:  Attendance is Free only via registration made online (through this website), by filling in the registration form below.

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Once you have completed your online registration and it is found compliant by the organizers of the conference, a registration confirmation shall be sent by e-mail within 3 days. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the confirmation e-mail, please contact the organizers at [email protected]. We strongly advise you to bring a copy of the confirmation e-mail with you when arriving at the conference for the onsite registration reception.

If original invitation letters are required (for the purposes of issuing visa/s), please note that they will be sent by regular mail. In case an express delivery is needed, the participant shall arrange pick-up of the document on his/her own and will be responsible for all associated costs. The organizers do not assume any costs for express delivery.

Cancellation of registration: if cancelation of registration is needed, please contact the organizers ASAP at [email protected]

Contact details: For registration support please contact: [email protected].

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Please note that RELOGIA will be broadcasted live via web streaming. Please confirm that you agree with the following declarative statements:

Photographs and/or films done during RELOGIA bearing your image in any form of televisual or online broadcasting or communication via internet, as well as publications related to Research Infrastructures.

RELOGIA organizers will use your info for the preselection of the audience and you’re your registration is confirmed you will receive regular updates about RELOGIA program. You will have the freedom to unsubscribe at any moment.

19-24 NOV 2019 SOFIA
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