GENNADY TKACHENKO-PAPIZH | The Voice of Planet Earth

The Voice of Planet Earth

– “This will take you to another world!” New York Times

Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh’s television performance, competing on a talent show in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, has been viewed on the internet over 73 million times and inspired more than 102,000 comments – mostly unbridles encomiums, with viewers gushing about the performance’s “spiritual cosmic harmony,” its “primordial eloquence” and its channeling of “a world where suffering has finished.” There are also a few who question whether Gennady is, perhaps, an alien being used “as a vessel to deliver a message.”

Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh is a one of a kind musician, sound-imitator, and actor. The owner of a unique voice with a huge range of 4 octaves, he masters the finest shades of sound. By connecting to elusive vibrations and entering an altered state of consciousness, he reproduces amazing magical streams – voices of living nature, hymns, prayers and mantras. Long before he became a global web fascination for using his mouth and his nose and — he swears — his soul to make nature sounds spring from a microphone like a geyser from the ground, Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh was a show-business chameleon.
Due to his participation in various talent shows such as Georgia’s Got Talent, he has stirred up the minds and hearts of people in many countries who have acknowledged the hope and light in him.

You can hear Gennady here:

TRANS-LATE | Brain Dj, MuArts | Lisbon, Portugal
tech to media. tech to music. tech to self.

TRANS-LATE is a trans-media event where technology and interactivity are the main characters.

Most clubbing and festival events around the world are focused on the music. We are focused on the media,
because media is the message and interactivity is the communication. We are creating the context for innovation to happen and we work under an ontological and multi-sensory design methodology. Our ethos is about sharing technologically powered intangible experiences with global creators and nomads.

“I intend to create therefore I will act.”

And if we could peek up that intention and translate it into a color, what color would it be? And if we could
translate it into a sound, what texture would the sound have? How can we materialize a thought?
How can we materialize a pattern: a set of waves that together form a web of knowledge, a net of actions?
a stream of consciousness?

Consciousness is information, so when I intend, I create information thus, the intention is information per se. We do not need the action, we are already creating a realm of intention, the realm of the imaginarium. If we do have the proper tools to trans-late that intention into an action out of the normal physical realm, for instance, the digital one, we have the matrix. The matrix is a universe where the psyche is the reality.
Our question is: if every being is creating their own psychological reality, if all of us were feeding it to a co-created matrix, how would this collective matrix look?

Leon Trimble – featured in BBC Digital Planet (Birmingham, United Kingdom )

Leon Trimble – VJ, filmmaker and audio-visual artist who performs live and installs work in the UK & internationally. He is currently a fellow at STEAM House Birmingham – and Birmingham Open Media –
He works with live animation, digital beats, motion graphics, photography and glitch art using nascent and rehashed technology.

“As an artist I am using evolving technology not only as a medium in itself but also as subject.Streaming, layering and reinterpreting multiple live art forms simultaneously. Finding where science meets creativity. I dedicate the use of technology and it’s tweakability to improvise live images that relate to, and directly influence the current situation, i.e. music, dance, theatre etc. Growing up in the inner cities of Birmingham gives my work an urban outlook. With a science background I have a rational perspective and having being raised by free thinkers i have an ability to live in the moment.”

Gravity Synth – an ArtScience Story

The Gravity Synth is a musical instrument combining the instrumentation used to detect gravitational waves, and a modular synthesiser. The experimentation with the scientific and musical equipment has been a collaboration between researchers at the Gravitational Wave Institute at University of Birmingham and audiovisual artist Leon Trimble. This is a parallel journey exploring the similarities between the processes of art and science…

Martine-Nicole Rojina S.T.E.A.M. (München, Germany)

MARTINE-NICOLE ROJINA is a professional musician, producer and trans-disciplinary multimedia artist innovating and inventing immersive AV, VR, AR & future technology.

Her curiosity and empathy for technology, science, engineering, economy, art and education are the core drivers of her MPATHY STUDIO (, therefore consulting the European Commission and Parliament on STARTS – science, technology and the arts to foster holistic innovation.

As founder of the cosmic sci / tech / art project SISTER MOON ( and as citizen astronaut training advisor for SPACE FOR HUMANITY ( she lays a collective ground for the future of space exploration, travel and education.
She released music worldwide and collaborated with internationally recognized artists.

SISTER MOON ( is a participatory cosmic sci / tech / art project inviting earthlings to echo their voice, sound or sound-art off the surface of the moon together with artist Martine-Nicole Rojina leading MPATHY STUDIO and HAM radio operators Jan van Muijlwijk and Harry Keizer of CAMRAS (, working with moon bounce technology at the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope.

SISTER MOON recently was featured in the BBC Clicks moon landing special ( and was picked up by BBC world news. The community steadily grows and more than 1300 earthlings reached the moon using moon bounce via the Dwingeloo Telescope since February 2018. The project shaped innovation history of the legendary Abbey Road studios (London) and travelled to major festivals such as South by Southwest SXSW (Austin TX) Re;Publica (Berlin) and STARMUS V (Zurich).


The Sofia Wind Orchestra was created in 1951 by the famous Bulgarian musician Sasho Mihailov – his first and longtime conductor. The orchestra has long established itself as the most representative brass band in Bulgaria, with a rich creative history. His repertoire includes works of all styles and eras – classical, romantic, folk music, orchestrations of works from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the most famous Bulgarian composers have written works specifically for this orchestra. The orchestra has won two first prizes from the festivals in Usper – Switzerland and Siklos – Hungary. Its art is well known in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and everywhere receives ecstatic applause from the audience and affectionate feedback from critics.

Sofia Wind Orchestra works with famous names from different genres of music – the world-famous kaval artist Teodosi Spasov, opera singers Edelina Kaneva and Penyo Pirozov, pop singers Maria Ilieva, Lyubo Kirov and others. The summer performances of the orchestra at the Boris Garden in Sofia and the winter concerts at the Bulgaria Hall are traditional. The band works together with the Sofia Municipality, the Bulgarian National Radio, the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, the international festival “Apolonia” and others.


The Sofia Jazz Formation at the Nadezhda CCI was established in 1985 with the head Raicho Ivanov. In the first years of its emergence, the band was a septet, which subsequently transformed into a quintet. At the moment the band includes the leader of the band and bass player Boycho Dechev, Yassen Vasilev – guitar solo and rhythm, Kalin Zhechev – keyboards, Ivan Andreev – percussion instruments, Dimitar Bakardzhiev – saxophone and flute and Yana Chakalska – vocals. Sofia Jazz Formation performs projects with Bulgarian and foreign guest soloists, including Stefka Onnikyan, Boris Petrov, Vasil Petrov, Kamelia Todorova, Edelina Kaneva, Krasi Andreev, Stanislava Dimitrova – Sunny, Mikhail Yosifov, Shibil Benev, and many others.


The Sofia Symphony showcases exceptional potential in presenting well-established and mixed genres – of romantic type, baroque, classical and contemporary music. The orchestra develops many diverse and bold projects, realizes a wide range of musical events with international partners. These include appearances in popular youth concert cycles, attractive entertainment and concerts and performances, operas and operettas, stage and outdoor musicals. He also plays the role of an academic orchestra. He is often invited to various productions, television and radio programs. He participates in events not only as an orchestra, but also with chamber formations – quartets, quintets, octets, etc.

The Sofia Symphony accompanies performances in performing theatrical and musical productions of the operetta and the musical, in the presentation of film and theatrical music, premieres of new Bulgarian and foreign music. Performs interactive projects and improvisation ideas with the involvement of electronics, jazz and folk musicians and dancers.



Mihail Yossifov is one of the most successful young Bulgarian jazzmen. He finished the trumpet class of Rusin Atev at the National Music High School “Ljubomir Pipkov”. Later he graduated from the National Music Academy in the classes of Stojcho Radev and Angel Makedonsky. Cherishing the interest in jazz since his school days he formed ensembles with his classmates and performed at almost all the jazz forums in Bulgaria. After that he was demanded not only as a jazz musician but also as a musician for recording different music projects.

Despite as a trumpet player he has been active as an arranger and composer of film scores and music for plays and for his own jazz sextet (Mihail Yossifov Sextet) as well. Mihail Yossifov Sextet founded in 2009 rapidly became one of the most popular and loved by the public Bulgarian jazz formations with the unique way it performs jazz – with uncompromising professionalism, virtuosity and sense of humour. In 2013 Mihail Yossifov Sextet released its first album – “Broken Windows”.

Amongst the musicians he has collaborated with are Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Mezzoforte, Dephazz, Peter Herbolzheimer, Karen Bernod, Poogie Bell, Max Moya, Randy Brecker, Milcho Leviev, Theodosii Spassov, Аngel Zaberski, Antoni Donchev, Hristo Yotzov etc.

Mihail has performed at jazz, pop and ethno festivals all over Europe – Sziget-Budapest, Exit – Novi Sad, etc. Twice he was in the cultural entourage of the Bulgarian President during his official visits to Sweden and the Czech Republic.

In 2009 Mihail Yossifov is awarded with the Golden Lyre as a Jazz Musician of the Year. The award is given by the Union of Musicians and Dancers in Bulgaria. Soon after that he got the Golden Pen award of Jazz FM and Classic FM Radios for his special merit to Bulgarian culture.
Since 2010 he is a trumpet master in the Bulgarian National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov”.

Interview with Mihail Yossifov about the Music of the Love Hormone – Oxytocin:


Co-creative team: Dr Tsvetana Ivanova, Dr Leandar Litov, Rositza Marinova, Agnieshka Deynovitch-Velichkov, Mihail Yossifov et al.
We live in time and space where, as a result of the evolution of human search for knowledge, the borders of Art and Science collide. “Science” provides an understanding of universal experience and “Art” provides universal understanding of personal experience. The catalysts of this immersive process: new technologies and new concepts – opening unexplored possibilities and framing a world Art & Science movement with a very Renaissance goal: “To develop a complete mind: Study the Science of Art; Study the Art of Science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” Leonardo da Vinci.

Our study represents the challenge to translate biological form (Science) into musical form (Art). By a specially developed methodology, we linked these two sides affecting human emotions: hormones – from the inside and music- from the outside. The proteins (such as hormones) are coded by DNA with the help of four letters (nucleic acids) representing the three-letter words (codons). Each codon sets one amino acid from the protein’s structure. We have developed an original algorithm in which each codon of DNA represent certain note. The length of the note is
determined by the time needed by the ribosome (cell organelle, producing proteins) to add corresponding amino acid in the structure of the protein. In this way, a sequence of musical notes is mapped to the DNA code. The three-dimensional structure of the protein determines the music tempo.
The objective of this investigation is to present the properties and the impact of one of the most important human hormones – Oxytocin, a hormone called “The Love Hormone”. Oxytocin is produced in the brain, in the hypothalamus, and is involved in social recognition, maternal affection, and may be involved in the very formation of trust between people and empathy. As a result, we received a complete extremely provocative musical work. In order to verify the accuracy of the musical interpretation a neurological test was performed and the neurological impact of the hormone and its music was investigated. The preliminary results of this study proved correlations. The developed methodology is innovative and creates trans-disciplinary bridges between Art & Science knowledge: genetics, molecular interactions, human physiology, neurology and neuroaesthetics correlating with music theory and human perception, aiming to get one step further in the development of a “complete mind”.
Full Presentation of the project in Leonardo Music Journal | MIT Press Journals:


MIilen Petrov – classical ballet and contemporary dancer & choreographer, Lecturer at the National Dance School

Before graduating from the National Choreographic School in Sofia, he was invited to the Arabesque Ballet, where he mainly developed his career as a dancer. He is also one of the dancers of the attractive AmarantDanceStudio in the recent past. Milen works with the most prominent choreographers in the country as well as with international choreographers. He has performed as a premier soloist in most major ballet companies in the country. He has toured at a number of international dance festivals. He is the creator of numerous dance miniatures for various forums and of several large-scale dance and theater projects. Presenter at Modern Dance seminars. Lecturer at the National Dance School. He is a popular fashion model and has experience in the art fields of film and video dance.

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