Nokia Bell Labs
Sonic Empathy project

an interactive installation where the public can create their own music using video analytics technology

PRESENTER: Ross Dowd, Demonstration Designer, Nokia Bell Labs

ORGANIZATION PROFILE: Nokia Bell Labs, the industrial research division of Nokia, continues to conduct innovative and game-changing research around the big issues affecting the ICT industry. Using its wide-reaching expertise and collaborating with the global innovation community (both inside and outside Bell Labs), the organization is focused on finding solutions that offer a 10x (or more) improvement in multiple dimensions. These solutions will then be used to create cross-discipline ‘Future X’ initiatives that will shape the future communications landscape.

DESCRIPTION: Nokia Bell Labs will be exhibiting “Sonic Empathy”,an interactive exhibit developed as part of the Experiments in Arts and Technology program. Visitors can experiment with a bespoke Nokia Bell Labs video analytics technology, originally developed for traffic pattern recognition, that converts movement and patterns into a musical response. Originally developed with the artist Philip King for Inspirefest 2017 as a means of augmenting a spoken word performance.

Aalto University, Finland | New Materials Platform
Materials do matter

an exhibition combining science and design with business

PARTICIPANT: Aalto Materials Platform, Aalto University, Finland

The Materials Platform at Aalto University, Finland – promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.
In the Materials Platform, we develop and support the variety of actions focused on popularizing, promoting and stimulating research activities in Materials fields.

PRESENTER: Dr. Heidi Allene Henrickson, Manager of the Materials Platform

ORGANIZATION PROFILE: Forward-looking higher educational institutions have the mission to embolden students and researchers to build a sustainable society, one driven by innovation and entrepreneurship and likely less discipline-oriented than traditional higher education. As a young institution (founded in 2010), Aalto University in Finland has combined cutting-edge science with design expertise and business thinking, bringing together three higher education institutions: technology, arts and architecture, and business. Tasked with the job of implementing research and innovation, art and creative practices, and education, how does this institution as a whole tackle the challenges of quality cross-disciplinary collaboration with real value for society? How can we implement ‘cross-disciplinarity’?

DESCRIPTION: This presentation showcases one such project: The Materials Matter exhibition shown at Slush 2018 in Finland. Knowing Slush has over 20,000 attendees focused on startups, Aalto University’s information booth provided an art-exhibition-style presentation aimed at potential investors and futurologists. The exhibition showed 10 different technology research projects at differing stages of innovation. The exhibition project was brought about using the talents and expertise of arts and design students and faculty who translated the scientific and technology work of researchers for the general public. From the ‘main message’ through the selection and arrangement of objects on display to the Slush event itself, this presentation uncovers the process, its limitations, and its impact, and its legacy.

Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
a Journey Within

You are gifted every moment with life’s most precious achievement: A conscious mind, enabling you to sense and hold within, the universe’s boundless beauty – a source of infinite inspiration that fuels your inner space.

Fred Galstun (CEO Sensiks) about CONSCIOUS EXISTENCE:
“This kind of creations can only come from divine inspiration. The only thing I am trying to sort out now is whether to call it beyond art or beyond EPIC. […] your creations are touching something deep inside my soul […} and it brings me right back to the right place and the right state of mind. Like somehow it resets the focus to the things that really matter, like mother nature is speaking through you.” 

PRESENTER: Artwork and Animation by Marc Zimmermann …digital artist with a passion for Matte Painting, digital environments and visual effects.

DESCRIPTION: This cinematic virtual reality short film experience is another personal project of mine and my second endeavor in the world of 360/VR after Longing for Wilderness.  This project is part of the VR NOW Initiative at the Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, received some support from Mettle, NVidia and Subpac and is part of the Kaleidoscope VR portfolio. Distributed by Diversion cinema.


Our way of thinking about life influences our perception of the world around us. False priorities can act like blinders and make us overlook the ever-present beauty of the universe, which can be our greatest source of energy and inspiration. A positive and grateful mindset enables us to harvest that energy to fuel our inner space and retain well-being. With this virtual-reality experience I express my own appreciation for and feelings about the gift of life. We need keep our ability to see the world through the wondering eyes of a child.
It is a journey within that hopefully will touch you on an emotional level and make you transcend into a relaxed and appreciative state of mind.

This project is part of the VR NOW Initiative at the Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, received some support from Mettle, NVidia and Subpac and is part of the Kaleidoscope VR portfolio. I’m always looking for partners in distribution.

The experience is dedicated to my soulmate Julie Boehm who is living exactly what this piece is about, by seeing the magic in every little thing and embellishing the world with her own creations that are a tribute to the beauty that surrounds us.

Conscious Existence is a linear, stereoscopic 360/VR-video short film experience.

Awards: Best Visual VR Content – Stereopsia 2018


Accelerate business transformation with immersive technologies


DESCRIPTION: Drawing from a body of academic research on virtual embodiment and implicit learning, we developed a unique VR learning format of first-person embodied simulations that affords a unique perspective-taking exercise and provides automated personalized recommendations to speed up behavioral change. The platform will ultimately be designed around standardized content to allow for large-scale deployment.
We call it BODYSWAPS® – it’s an immersive training platform that lets employees practice their soft skills in realistic workplace scenarios simulated in Virtual Reality.  On the platform, employees can interact, using their own voice and body-language, with Virtual Humans. It leverages a range of AI-powered behavioral analytics to provides users with personalized recommendations on how to improve their performance.
Why it matters: With BODYSWAPS®, we are supporting L&D and HR leaders to empower their employees to become the best versions of themselves, faster and safely, improving organizational performance, fostering a better company culture and delivering tangible operational value.

How it works: BODYSWAPS® is a soft skills simulator that leverages embodied Virtual Reality & conversational AI to put users in realistic workplace simulations.

BM Vision | Bulgaria

PRESENTER: Boyan Milushev, Founder BM Vision

ORGANIZATION PROFILE: BM Vision develops VR/360° based product for a wide range of industries, such as interactive edicational and training VR apps, VR/360° business presentations, destination and cultural heritage 360 promotional videos etc.
BM Vision’s main mision is to provide its clients with innovative products and services which will improve their competitiveness and branding.


The project aims to create an innovative product that presents in an intriguing and innovative way different cultural and natural sites in Bulgaria. Thanks to the VIRTUAL REALITY technology you will be immersed in the atmosphere of six sites of European cultural significance dating back to four historical eras. We will take you back in history to places of cultural and spiritual achievements which are unique, fundamental, revolutionary and compelling.

We believe that VR/360° video presentation will provide you with significant sence of immersion bringing completely new emotions.
Magura Cave and its prehistoric rock drawings – approximately 40 000 years BC
Prehistoric Urban and Production Center Provadia – Solnitsata – 5th millennium BC – oldest fortress walls in Europe
Ancient villa “Armira” – 1-4 century AD – unique roman mosaics
Boyana Church and pre-Renaissance frescoes – 1259 AD.
Archaeological museum Varna – the call of civilizations – the oldest crafted gold in the world
Destination Vratsa – Pide and Beauty in 360 – Vratsa balkan with cultural and natural sites

Art & Science Research Foundation “RE:”



Art & Science Research Foundation “RE:” is developing a unique cross-disciplinary platform, acting as an Art-Sci-Tech scalable infrastructure to research, apply and integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge. Its purpose is to create the conditions for the interplay of various intelligences to discover an additional level of understanding and conscious experience on what it is to be Human on a cross- disciplinary level with focus on aesthetic experience and emotion. The experiential approach for each project is concerned with extending our ability to comprehend and empathize with the relatively abstract elements that science allows us to understand as vital building blocks of our being, experience and perception of reality via technological innovations. The different projects will enable responders to perceive abstract scientific entities as significant experience and thus achieve a sustainable powerful social, cultural and educational impact. The application of this new integrative paradigm will result in qualitative and quantitative enrichment and of public awareness on Science, Culture, Responsible Research and Technological Innovations. “Re:” partners include international network of higher education institutions, science research centers, innovation hubs, NGOs and SMEs.

DESCRIPTION: KISS x 3 | Immersive Experience Installation
This project will unblind the story behind the Love hormone at a cellular, musical and olfactory level, as choreographed experience that invites you to enter inside yourself:

  • Human Body (human senses)
  • Emotional Body (music & Love hormone – Oxytocin)
  • Scientific Body (extended senses)

This project started as series of questions at different circumstances when confronted with the interactive world of human senses and emotions, and the sense of smell in particular, as the most intimate one. The answers derived from different platforms, paths and this let to wonder how to represent them as a part of a quest to find how are senses and emotions related in the context of our visual culture. This resulted in the design of multidisciplinary methodology, developed via art+sci+tech collaboration, that attempts to harness the cross-disciplinary narrative of the sense of smell, with focus on one specific molecule, the Love hormone – Oxytocin. The project investigates its nature, as playing a fundamental role in human relationships and … in the Kiss.
The research methodology is called Trivial Innocence: Trivial at its origin from Latin means the crossroad of tree roads. The tree roads we cross are: art, science and tech. Innocent – because they all investigate and provide the knowledge received through our human senses, and they are by nature – Innocent.
Multi-sensory Art Installation – a 2.20m light & music cube, will serve as a research Lab for neurofeedback analysis of the effects of the Love Hormone Oxytocin and Its Music on the visitors and the results will be presented at the end of RELOGIA edition 01_Human Dimension.

Interface Cultures & ARS ELECTRONICA

video installation

PRESENTER: Jürgen Ropp – art-sci-tech researcher

ORGANIZATION PROFILE: Interface Cultures & Ars Electronica Festival

DESCRIPTION: In Unify the Milky Way´s pattern is analysed, sonified and visually represented as mesh, that is being distorted depending on the stars´ brightnesses and color spectrum information. This experience´s aim is to merge star constellations and visual patterns into sound and also let the sound influence the visual basis material, hence the name UNIFY. This bidirectional audiovisual feedback loop is metaphorizing the all-embracing connections underlying all things, vivid or non-vivid.

Sagittarius A*

PRESENTER: Jürgen Ropp (AT) -art+sci+tech researcher
Jürgen Ropp is an artist based in Linz, Austria and currently part of the Interface Cultures Master´s program at University of Art and Design there. 
He is inspired by the tension between art and science and their (dis)congruencies. With a BSc in engineering he is able to use a palette of tools to manifest situations that lie within and emerge from these fields. From building an installation for the European Digital Art and Science program to performing at Ars Electronica Festival he doesn´t want to narrow down his ways of expression.
His work is located on the border between art and sciences. He understands the epistemologic limitations of modern physics as a nutritional basis for his artistic expression and explores the implications of the underlying theories. From that interactive artifacts and audivisual experiences emerge, which utilize new technologies to interpret a specific context free from scientific formalisms. By that the work is based more in the field of artistic research, whereas it wouldn´t be possible without taking experimental research into consideration. Examples of his work here:

DESCRIPTION: This installation theorizes about possible futures, presents and pasts. It is inspired by the philosophical nature of the underlying physics and makes the assumption that wormholes in the form of Einstein Rosen Bridges exist as connections between different places in space and time. Kinetics, light and sound form a multisensory experience aiming to interpret the possible manifestations of such singularities. Data driven visual patterns give the visitor a unique experience of meandering tunnels in four the dimensional spacetime. Questions about determinism, free will and imagination can arise. It therefore works as a mirror of possibilities with the aesthetic appearance of an astronomic telescope.

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